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on your collateral,
so you can
stomp on your competitors...


We’ll stomp on your content until it’s the best it can be

About us

People are amazed when we tell them we started our business because we were offended.

But it’s true.

We were offended by the banal, the bland, the boring....

This was what we saw in most of the software tech websites we encountered.

Let’s Work Together

Marketing Audit

Let's start at the beginning...

To 'dress your shop window' beautifully, we need take the time to really understand your company. 

To do this well, we like to start with a marketing audit. 

Whether you're languishing in the deep waters, fighting off the sharks or have outgrown your current pond, we can help you identify your best methods of attack, helping you swim free and stand out from the shoal.

Video Production

Visual Communication Your Audience Will Love

Our videos showcase your BRILLIANT solutions, positioning you as the trailblazing innovators you are.

- From corporate explainer videos to FAQ's, to testimonials and training videos, to name a few, we can help you blaze your trail.


Tickle Their Senses

You've probably already gathered that we like to do things a little differently at Red Stiletto.

Our content writing is no different.

We write content that will tickle your prospects pink, so they'll be forming a - possibly not very orderly - queue to your door.



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